Popular dating app Tinder crashed on Thursday night, before an extended holiday weekend in the us.

The Foreign Business hours reported that Tinder had crashed around 10:00pm Eastern time, and customers had been having issues retrieving their unique emails, calling their unique matches and also logging in. Some people reported shedding their particular fits too. Consumers from the Dating Sites recommendations Forum also had issues with Tinder

Furious Tinder consumers voiced their particular aggravation over social media marketing, making jokes about Tinder failing merely whenever they got some fits, were trying to contact their own times to fulfill, or installed modern type of the application.

One individual joked:

“Tinder crashes before it starts which also describes my personal love life ‪#tinder”

Tinder reacted over social media, acknowledging the trouble:

“Some customers have reported that the app is actually crashing on iOS. We are couples looking for couples at it. Stay tuned!

— Tinder (@Tinder) Sep 1, 2016″

The collision will come at a bad time, as online dating app use typically increases over the week-end when anyone are looking to meet, or perhaps get away from a date gone completely wrong to obtain somebody new. A holiday week-end is especially challenging, as chatting and task is located at increased point.

Relating to current research, Tinder has actually above 50 million active people whom check their unique account typically 11 times daily. Tinder people spend an average of 90 moments each day throughout the application.

The trouble has a tendency to take place with mainly iOS customers, while some dilemmas currently reported for all utilizing Android mobile phones.

“i am using Tinder for a while today, but simply beginning these days another I start the application it crashes instantly. I’ve already reinstalled the app, current it and deterred my phone. Any ideas as to why this really is taking place?” reported a distraught Tinder user, as reported by Tech hours.

Regrettably, Tinder’s troubleshooting guidance appears to make the problem even worse. For those who uninstalled right after which reinstalled the software, depending on Tinder’s suggestion, whenever they tried to sign in, the application over repeatedly crashed. Some people lost all fits they’d when they used the newly put in variation, too.

The problem could be tied to the most recent update for Tinder, that has been made available to people beginning August 31st. Tinder has not showed the origin associated with problem, or that it’s for some reason for this latest improvement, it is working on the difficulty.

At the same time, Tinder customers must check some other applications this Labor time week-end, or simply satisfy people the antique way: personally. For more information on the matchmaking app you should check aside our very own report about Tinder.

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