Your's Labs Hub established in 2017

Labshub is a part of Sicher Labs Pvt. Ltd, a third-party company that was established on November 3, 2017. We provide a wide range of medical services and solutions through one touch, hence, we call it a one-touch medical solution. At Labshub, you can expect the best advice from our experienced medical experts. We offer more than 25 medical services at our facility.

Why we are special

Labshub is special because through one touch, you can compare different medical services and select the best one for you. For example, if you need a blood test, you can go to and see the top 20 labs in your city. You can compare the labs and select your favorite, most importantly, the labs on are mostly NABL certified, and those labs are available which are national and international whose reports are valid in all government and private hospitals. Another good thing is that you can get 15-30% discount on every test on your first booking, you get 30-50% discount, and if you misplace any report, Labshub saves your every report. Similarly, if your teeth are in pain, you can just type and see the best doctors near you, then the same process applies. Compare different dentists and select your favorite and get 20-30% off on your first appointment. If you misplace your test report, Labshub saves your each and every report and also provides free consultation by doctors to check your report. Everything is available, and you can book tests 24/7. Labshub is a user-friendly website.