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Ambulance 24/7 – we provide the most professional & technologically advanced medical care & ambulance services that are catered around providing swift & world-class healthcare services in your time of need.

Patient transport vechile

Patient transport vehicle

Ambulances may be fitted with a range of additional equipment which is used to facilitate patient care. Biggest fleet of ambulances across tricity(Chandigarh,mohali, panchkula, zirakpur)

The Patient Transport Vehicle is a small or large van used to transport patients who are in stable condition and do not need anything more than oxygen.

Patient safety is always the priority. Strict PPE and infection control measures are in place across all our transport services.

Decontamination of the Ambulance:

Decontamination of the ambulance needs to be performed every time a suspect/confirmed case is transported in the ambulance. The following procedure must be followed while decontaminating the ambulance: Gloves and N-95 masks are recommended for sanitation staff cleaning the ambulance.Disinfect (damp wipe) all horizontal, vertical, and contact surfaces with a cotton cloth saturated (or microfiber) with a 1% sodium hypochlorite solution. These surfaces include but are not limited to the stretcher, Bed rails, Infusion pumps, IV poles/Hanging IV poles, Monitor cables, telephone, Countertops, and a sharps container. Spot clean walls (when visually soiled) with disinfectant-detergent and windows with glass cleaner. Allow contact time of 30 minutes and allow air dry.

Damp mop floor with 1% sodium hypochlorite disinfectant.
Discard disposable items and Infectious waste in a Bio/Hazard bag. The interior is sprayed with 1% sodium hypochlorite. The bag is tied and the exterior is also decontaminated with 1% sodium hypochlorite and should be given to the hospitals to dispose of according to their policy.
Change cotton mop water containing disinfectant after each cleaning cycle.
Do not place the cleaning cloth back into the disinfectant solution after using it to wipe a surface. Remove gloves and wash hands.

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