Personal Details
Doctor Name Heena Kathuria
Primary Specialty
Experience 2 Years
Education & Hospital
Medical Education D.M NEUROLOGY PGIMER
Area of Expertise Neurology Epilepsy, Neuro- Immunology,
Stroke, Electrophysiology
Hospital Grecian Super Speciality Hospital, Mohali


Dr. Heena Kathuria, Neurology Epilepsy, Neuro- Immunology, Stroke, Electrophysiology,
Senior Resident In Neurology In PGIMER, Chandigarh specializes in the treatment of kidney diseases. Nephrology is a subspecialty of internal medicine and deals with the diagnosis, treatment and management of kidney-related diseases and conditions such as chronic kidney disease (CKD), acute kidney injury, kidney stones, and hypertension,  also trained to manage patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) who require dialysis or kidney transplantation.

Doctors Achievements

* Utility of Imaging Nigrosome 1 on 3T MRI and its Comparsion with 18F
* DOPA PET in the Diagnosis of Idiopathic Parkinson Disease and Atypical
* Uncommon cause of stroke in young presenting with dramatic cascade of events IANCON - 2019.