Clinical Services

Veterinary services fall into four main categories: Clinical services (treatment of diseased animals and control of production limiting disorders) Preventive services (avoiding the outbreak of diseases) Provision of drugs, vaccines, and other products (such as artificial insemination)
-Examine animals to assess their health and diagnose problems.
-Treat and dress wounds.
-Perform surgery on animals.
-Test for and vaccinate against diseases.
-Operate medical equipment, such as x-ray machines.
-Advise animal owners about general care, medical conditions, and treatments.

Clinical Services

Labshub provided veterinary clinical services 24*7 The doctors and staff here understand and share our clients’ love and compassion for animals, and provide them with the highest level of veterinary care. We provide outstanding veterinary care and friendly client service

Screening Tests

Tests used for clinically healthy animals to detect the possibility of a disease.

Confirmatory/Diagnostic Tests

Tests used for a clinically diseased animal to confirm the diagnosis or classify disease status.

Preventive services

Preventive services avoiding the outbreak of diseases provision of drugs, vaccines, and other products such as artificial insemination.

Reporting time

Same day within 5-6 hours.

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